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ERC for  New York

Many businesses across the state of New York struggled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021. Especially in cities, such as Albany and New York City, government mandates caused businesses to partially or fully suspend business operations. The encouragement of social distancing caused other businesses to see significant declines in gross receipts. The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC) is a refundable tax credit available to businesses in the state of New York who struggled during the pandemic. Eligible businesses can earn up to $21,000 per employee.
Five Star ERC Experts has a team of tax attorneys and tax consultants certified in New York state ready to aid eligible businesses. Get started by calling our New York ERC consultants to get started or book using the button below.

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How to Claim ERC in New York State

The ERC tax credit is available to eligible businesses in New York, whether you are in New York City, the Hudson Valley, Upstate New York or elsewhere. To claim the ERC tax credit, businesses need to complete an application and amend their 2020 or 2021 tax form based on their eligibility. An ERC consultant will assist in the application process and guide you every step of the way.

Consult with an ERC Expert in Your Region

You should only hire an ERC expert who is tax certified and has experience handling applications to the IRS. If you already applied for the refundable tax credit but are concerned about your application, consult with our team of experts for next steps. Businesses across all industries can apply for the ERC tax credit in any region of New York. 
Our ERC consultants work with businesses all across New York, in every major city and all towns including:

  • Albany

  • Buffalo

  • Mount Vernon

  • New Rochelle

  • New York City

  • Rochester

  • Schenectady

  • Syracuse

  • Utica

  • White Plains

  • Yonkers

Any type of business from manufacturing to tech can apply as long as they meet full eligibility requirements. If you are eligible, book a New York state ERC specialist today to apply for the ERC tax credit

Book an ERC specialist today to apply for the ERC tax credit and get in line with the IRS faster.

ERC Eligibility for New York Businesses

New York businesses must use qualified wages to apply. Your business cannot exceed over 100 employees for the 2020 tax year and over 500 for the 2021 tax year.


If your New York business experienced a decline in gross receipts over 50%, or you paid qualified wages to W-2 employees during 2020 or 2021, your business may be eligible.

Is ERC Taxable in New York?

Good news! The ERC refund is not considered taxable income in New York state, no matter where you are located. The amount you earn from ERC can impact payroll deductions that you claim. Businesses earning over the amount that they owed in taxes for the eligible tax year that they applied for will receive the rest of their approved ERC amount as a refund. That refund can be used in any way the business chooses, whether to pay business expenses or pay salaries or health benefits to employees.

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